Press CTRL+B to enter BOOT menu: 3                                              
Info: The password is empty. For security purposes, change the password.        

New password:                           
Confirm password:                                                              

The password is changed successfully.                                          

       Main Menu                                                              

   1. Default startup                                                          
   2. Serial submenu                                                           
   3. Ethernet submenu                                                         
   4. Startup parameters submenu                                               
   5. List file                                                                
   6. Password manager submenu                                                 
   7. Restore factory defaults                                                 
   8. Reboot                                                                  

Enter your choice(1-8): 6             //进入密码管理子菜单          

       Password manager submenu                                                

   1. Modify bootloader password                                               
   2. Clear the console login password
   3. Reset bootloader password                                               
   0. Return                                                                  

Enter your choice(0-3): 2       

Caution: A new console password must be set after the restart.
Continue now? Yes(y) or No(n): y
Clear Console Lockword Successfully.
Please Press ENTER.

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*           Without the owner's prior written consent,          *
*    no decompiling or reverse-engineering shall be allowed.    *

Info: The max number of VTY users is 5, the number of current VTY users online is 0, and total number of terminal users online is 1.
     The current login time is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.